Charah Solutions in negotiations with TMPA to purchase, remediate and redevelop of the Gibbons Creek steam electric station and reservoir in US


The power plant at Gibbons Creek Reservoir. (Credit: Pmelton87/ Wikipedia.)

Charah Solutions is in negotiations with the Texas Municipal Power Agency (TMPA) to purchase, remediate and redevelop of the Gibbons Creek Steam Electric Station and Reservoir in Grimes County, Texas, US.

Located in Grimes County, Texas, Gibbons Creek was created TMPA to deliver electricity to its member cities of Bryan, Denton, Garland and Greenville on a wholesale basis.

The facility was operated by TMPA from its construction in 1982 until it was retired in 2018.

Charah’s subsidiary Gibbons Creek Environmental Redevelopment Group (GCERG), will own the 6,166 acre of area that includes the closed power station, the 3,500-acre reservoir, dam and spillway.

Redevelopment of Gibbons Creek will not include a restart of the coal plant

As part of the agreement, GCERG will handle the shutdown and decommissioning of the coal power plant as well as performing all environmental remediation work for the site landfills and ash ponds.

According to the company, the site redevelopment options do not include a restart of the coal plant.

Charah Solutions president and CEO Scott Sewell said: “Our Environmental Risk Transfer services represent an innovative solution designed to meet the evolving and increasingly complex needs of our utility partners.

“Many utilities are experiencing an increased need to retire and decommission older or less economically viable generating assets while minimizing costs and maximizing the value of the assets and improving the environment.

“This is a perfect example of Charah Solutions providing a custom approach for these complex projects, as we are able to provide not only the environmental remediation expertise needed to meet regulations but also bring the right partners to the table to redevelop the property while creating local jobs and lowering the cost for our utility partner.”

GCERG’s site redevelopment options will include renewable energy, agricultural, commercial or industrial redevelopment opportunities.

In April this year, Charah Solutions was awarded a Closure by Removal (CBR) impoundment project by a Southeastern utility.