Joining the FCA is evidence of Britishvolt’s commitments of doing the right thing for the right reasons, and aligns with its core Environmental, Social and Governance Principles and Commitments

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Britishvolt joins the Fair Cobalt Alliance to help develop responsible, fair and transparent cobalt supply in the DRC. (Credit: Britishvolt)

Britishvolt, the UK’s foremost investor in battery cell technologies and associated R&D, is proud to join the Fair Cobalt Alliance (FCA). The FCA is a multistakeholder action platform committed to developing responsible and fair Artisanal mining (ASM) cobalt supply in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The FCA brings together participants from across the cobalt mineral supply chain to improve the lives of mining communities in the DRC. This is achieved through strategies which improve vital health and safety conditions at artisanal cobalt mining sites; address and remediate child labour; promote more transparent cobalt remuneration; and extend greater opportunities to local ASM communities – through fostering entrepreneurship both inside and outside the mines.

The news is in line with the world-class ESG strategy being structured by BV. Part of the ESG Principles and Commitments states: “Assessing labour, human rights and ethical procurement performance of our suppliers, seeking to co-operate with suppliers on ESG issues when necessary.”

Britishvolt believes that collective action and collaboration is essential for a successful energy transition.

Dr Assheton Carter, FCA’s Executive Director, comments,
“We welcome Britishvolt to the FCA. The business complements our growing membership and represents the breadth of stakeholders in the cobalt value chain that we are able to bring together.

“It is a bold step for a company starting out to make this commitment – we look forward to seeing how Britishvolt’s role in the FCA helps to shape its CSR strategy now and in the future.”

Craig Woodburn, Head of ESG at Britishvolt, said: “This is a great initiative to be part of. Britishvolt has a very clear and defined ambition to create one of the best-in-class ESG frameworks. By joining the FCA we are aiming to reduce environmental impact, improve working conditions for miners and support action that redirect children to school and education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. BV believes that it’s the responsibility of the entire battery industry, including manufacturers, to ensure that everyone involved is treated with respect and given the right opportunities. Collaboration is of vital importance to ensure success for all. ”

Source: Company Press Release