The preparatory work of the offshore pipeline will proceed to the next phase, in which excavation work will be initiated on the site of the offshore pipeline. The first excavation work will be carried out in front of Fjusö in Inkoo with the dredging of the seabed and the preparation of the channel into which the offshore pipeline will be installed in summer 2019. Excavation work will continue in front of Skämmö during the weekend.

The preparatory work in the area of Fjusö and Skämmö will be carried out between 6 am and 10 pm. We aim for all work that causes noise to be carried out during daytime.

Holidays and leisure on the nearby coast and islands are possible throughout the excavation and blasting work. The water may at times appear cloudy. However, normal pastime or recreational activities, such as swimming, can be carried out as usual. During the work, we will observe environmental and safety issues through increased frequency of monitoring programme.

The preparatory work for offshore pipeline started at the end of June and will be finished in August.

Source: Company Press Release