AEM-Technology, part of Rosatom machine-building division – Atomenergomash, has shipped steam generators for the first power unit of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Turkey.

Four steam generators, each with 355 tons of weight, have to sail 3,000 km in few days, to reach the Akkuyu construction site, which is said to be the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.

The Akkuyu NPP project includes four power units, with 1,2GW capacity each, and features Russian 3+ generation VVER reactors. The steam generators, which have been sipped, are said to be the crucial equipment of the reactor primary circuit.

Atomenergomash general director Andrey Nikipelov said: “Today we have launched the shipments of large-sized equipment for another foreign project of “Atomenergomash” – the Akkuyu NPP.

“In 2020, “Atommash” is shipping reactor vessels and steam generators at an unprecedented pace in comparison with Soviet times: a total of 3 reactor vessels and 17 steam generators are going to customers in Russia, India, Bangladesh and Turkey this year.

“Our equipment is already in operation or planned for installation on three out of six continents. Today’s event – the shipment of the first steam generators for the first NPP in Turkey – is another step towards strengthening position of “Atomenergomash” as a global supplier of reliable equipment for the safe operation of nuclear power plants. ”

Akkuyu NPP project to cover 10% of the electricity needs of the Republic of Turkey

The products from Atommash are expected to be delivered to the customer in a combined way, whih will be initially delivered to the port of the Tsimlyansk reservoir by road.

From there, four steam generators will be moved to a barge using a 650-ton gantry crane and transported to Turkey by water.

Upon completion, the Akkuyu NPP will generate about 35 billion kWh per year, which is sufficient to provide 90% of electricity to a large city such as Istanbul during a year.

In addition, the plant’s capacity is expected to cover up to 10% of the electricity requirements of the Republic of Turkey.