APR Energy, a provider of fast-track power solutions, has signed contract with AES Andres DR to supply 120MW of power in the Dominican Republic, starting from November 2018.


Image: APR Energy headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. Photo: courtesy of APR Energy.

APR Energy chairman John Campion said: “Our team consistently delivers the fastest, most flexible power solutions on time anywhere in the world.

“Our ability to deliver large-scale power quickly will help AES Andres DR, S.A. ensure the delivery of reliable power to all of its customers.”

APR Energy’s project comprises four of the newest generation GE TM2500 mobile gas turbines. Fueled by natural gas, the turbines will connect to the AES Andres Energy Complex and provide much-needed supplementary power to the local grid within weeks.

APR Energy has a long track record of providing supplementary power around the world following natural disasters, other weather phenomena and major service outages.

The company recently provided power to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and in Mexico after one of the largest earthquakes in recorded history.

Source: Company Press Release