Airswift, through its services unit arm , Swift Technical has entered into a partnership with Drone Pilot to utilise the latter’s drone technology in the energy sector.

The deal with US-based Drone Pilot will allow Swift Technical to help clients with unmanned inspection and detection services, where it is unsafe to send humans.

The unmanned services, particularly in the oil and gas sector, could comprise pipeline or flare stack inspection and size and toxicity detection incase of oil spill events. These services will assist in reducing manual handling and increase safety.

The partnership will help Drone Pilot to access Airswift’s global energy client base

The partnership enables Drone Pilot to access Airswift’s global energy client base, which would help the US-based company’s growth objectives.

Swift Technical operations manager Jake Macey said: “We were drawn to Drone Pilot as a partner for two key reasons. One was their commitment to both external services and training, reflecting the flexibility that we pride ourselves on delivering to clients.

“The other was the company’s heritage in military and public safety applications.

“We work in highly regulated, safety-critical sectors where rigor, good-practice and discipline are essential – we knew Drone Pilot would deliver that.”

The drone technology could be used for inspecting corrosion and leakage in hazardous environments, which could decrease costs by up to 60%, at the same time as improving safety and minimising risk. It can also detect issues such as spill sizes and locations and help assess asset management in critical environments.

Drone Pilot president John Buell said: “The energy industry is undergoing a technological transformation and is always receptive to innovations that can increase safety and efficiency.

“It is, therefore, a pleasure to team with Airswift to add unmanned aerial, ground and maritime training and services to the portfolio they provide within the energy industry.

“As Airswift is well-known for providing the people and workforce solutions behind that transformation, through our partnership, it can connect its clients with the right technologies too.”

Swift Technical claims to deliver solutions to the global energy, power and infrastructure markets through providing a range of specialty services including engineering, dimensional control, construction, reliability and project management.