Australian oil and gas company Cooper Energy has announced the start of 10 well appraisal programme in Cooper Basin, South Australia.

The appraisal programme has started with the spudding of Callawonga-22 by the PEL 92 Joint Venture, in which Cooper Energy has a 25% interest. The remaining stake in the joint venture is held by Beach Energy as an operator.

Cooper Energy said that the Callawonga-22 is the first of 4 appraisal wells to be drilled at the Callawonga oil field, which will be followed by 4 wells at the Butlers oil field and 2 wells at the Rincon oil field.

The company added that the campaign will test the limits of field extent similar to the appraisal campaign carried out on the Parsons field.

Details of four-well programme at Callawonga oil field

The appraisal programme involves Callawonga-19, located nearly 500m east of Callawonga-12, which will test extension of the north-eastern field boundary. Total depth is prognosed at 1,381m.

It also includes Callawonga-20, located around 600m north east of Callawonga-4, which will test the eastern field boundary, with total depth prognosed at 1,540m.

Additionally, the partners will test – Callawonga-21, located approximately 500m south of Callawonga-4, which will the south-eastern field boundary with total depth prognosed at 1,476m.

The programme also includes Callawonga-22, located roughly 500m north of Callawonga-3, which will test a possible field extension to the north. Total depth is prognosed at 1,497m.

The Callawonga field is connected by pipeline to the PEL 92 storage facility into the Lycium Hub facility in Australia.

The firm said in a statement: “The appraisal wells will enable development locations to be selected for future field development.

“Successful wells in the current program may also be completed and connected as future producers.

“Each well in the programme is expected to take nearly 1 week.”

“Results from the Callawonga wells will be announced to the ASX on completion of this phase of the program.”

In August, Cooper Energy and its partner Mitsui E&P Australia began drilling of the Annie-1 gas exploration well offshore Otway Basin in Australia.