With more than 25 years of experience in high-pressure technology, Resato delivers reliable and safe solutions to customers around the world across three business lines: high-pressure technology, waterjet technology and hydrogen technology.

The portfolio includes waterjet cutting systems as well as components and systems for testing, injection and controlling that operate up to 14,000 bar. The company also supplies hydrogen refuelling stations, boosters and testing systems.

Resato’s products can be found in the oil and gas industry, hose industry, glass industry, mining industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry and in many others.

“Over the last two years, all three business lines have seen new developments but the greatest progress was achieved with the hydrogen technology,” said Sales Director Sander Vroling.

He advised that Resato’s first public hydrogen filling station outside the Netherlands has been installed in Germany, a market where the hydrogen economy is further advanced, and the company has continued the development of the so-called Fleet Owner Station (FOS), designed to provide fleet owners, governments and entrepreneurs with a cost-efficient solution for refuelling fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) with hydrogen at 700 bar.

The design avoids expensive components such as pressurised hydrogen storage and hydrogen cooling prior to filling. This makes the FOS financially attractive for the development of a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, which requires relatively low capital investment compared to a public station.


Pressure testing

The oil and gas sector has been a traditional outlet for Resato’s safe and efficient solutions; the company has used its expertise and industry knowledge to provide systems to reputable oilfield service providers, refinery operators and component manufacturers throughout the offshore sector.

Resato’s solutions are highly-automated systems that offer simple certification creation capability, and are primarily used to test and control upstream oil and gas tools such as blow-out preventers (BOP), Christmas trees and surface-controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV) units. They can also be used to test wellheads, gate valves, umbilicals and hoses with consistently safe and dependable results.

“In 2019, the oil and gas sector welcomed our new products that increase the operator’s flexibility. We have launched a Long Test Box (LTB) of modular design that can be extended by 5m as required, enabling an easy move to new locations,” said Mr Vroling.

Resato’s Long Test Box (Credit: Resato)

Another addition to the product range offered to the oil and gas sector is a product for formation integrity testing and leak off testing (FIT LOT) for drilling rigs. The unit was designed as a versatile offshore multi-pump system that permits the performance of accurate formation integrity and leak off testing, avoiding potential well control issues. In addition, a high-pressure pump was added for safe and precise hydrostatic BOP and tool testing.

The system includes a pump skid rated for a zoned environment, and a separated control panel that can be located in a control room. This allows the unit to be operated safely, without exposure to high pressure components.

“This solution, as most of the others, has been developed on the basis of customer requirements. Excellent interaction with customers is key as it provides us with a knowledge of industry requirements,” affirmed Mr Vroling, noting that Resato’s FIT LOT units are in operation in several countries around the world, with the biggest now working in Baku, Azerbaijan.