Apple, eBay, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, and Sprint have signed a joint agreement to purchase power from the White Mesa wind project owned and developed by Apex Clean Energy.

Under the PPA, the technology companies will buy 75MW renewable energy, which is the equivalent energy needed to power 20,000 homes.

The new power purchase agreement is expected to support the 500MW White Mesa wind project located in Crockett County, Texas. The wind project is expected to become operational in 2021.

The joint power purchase agreement is expected to allow the companies to pool their energy demands and collectively support the addition of renewable energy projects to the grid.

Apple is spearheading the transaction

Apple environment, policy and social initiatives vice president Lisa Jackson said: “We’re proud to be powering all of Apple’s operations around the world with 100 percent renewable energy and driving the private sector to support the clean energy transition.

“Businesses of all sizes and of varying energy needs can help bring new, renewable energy online. This collaborative agreement in Texas is a model we hope others will replicate.”

Apple brought the other technology leaders together in the combined agreement, which will enable them to use cost-effective, low-carbon renewable energy from the new project.

Spearheaded by Apple, the agreement enables the participating firms to use cost-effective, low-carbon renewable energy from the new project.

Planned to be located on about 50,000 acres of open farmland in rural Crockett County, the White Mesa wind project is expected to feature 150 wind turbines.

Apex Clean Energy president and CEO Mark Goodwin said: “Enabling corporate aggregation for renewable power purchasing is a key focus of Apex’s and an essential way of engaging more corporate customers in clean energy procurement.

“The Apex platform is designed to develop utility-scale wind and solar projects that deliver optimized performance paired with the flexibility that aggregated offtakers need to make these deals feasible.

“White Mesa Wind is a prime example of the future of corporate clean energy transactions: aggregated power purchasing tailored to each offtaker’s needs.”