Mitsubishi Power has agreed with Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), a public utility owned by Oklahoma state, to provide an M501JAC gas turbine for the Grand River Energy Centre.

It is the second advanced J-series turbine from Mitsubishi Power for the Grand River Energy Centre, following the facility’s 500MW Unit 3, which has been operational since 2017.

Mitsubishi Power will supply its M501JAC air-cooled gas turbine for Unit 4, which will replace Unit 2, the last remaining coal-fired unit at the Grand River Energy Centre.

Unit 2 at the facility is a 492MW coal-fired generator that started operations in 1985.

The retiring of old and less effective coal-fired plants and replacing them with natural gas-fired units will reduce emissions and provide a long-term resource for affordable and reliable power.

Mitsubishi Power Americas president and CEO Bill Newsom said: “By replacing its coal-fired units with our advanced J-Class gas turbines, including Unit 4’s hydrogen-capable turbine, GRDA is demonstrating its continuing commitment to cleaner, more flexible and reliable energy production.

“Our long-term relationship with GRDA was born out of mutual trust and confidence cultivated over nearly a decade. We look forward to continuing our commitment to providing high-quality technology and services to the GRDA.”

The advanced gas turbine from Mitsubishi Power is said to provide operational flexibility and rapid start-up times to address the needs of GRDA’s electricity grid.

It can also run on hydrogen and can be operated on a mix or entirely on hydrogen, in the future.

The construction at the Unit 4 project is scheduled to commence in January 2024, and the unit is expected to be operational by April 2026.

In addition, the agreement includes long-term service and maintenance, replacement parts supply, and remote monitoring of the units.

GRDA CEO Dan Sullivan said: “Our long, proven history with Mitsubishi Power, and the strong partnership we have built over the past decade, allows us to invest in world-class power generation and help GRDA continue to meet the growing demands of providing affordable and reliable energy to our customers.”