Chinese photovoltaics company Trina Solar has once again expanded its global presence by initiating the manufacturing of 210mm monocrystalline silicon wafers in Vietnam. The initial batch of wafers was produced at the factory located in Thai Nguyen, a city positioned 80km north of Hanoi.

This facility has the capacity to manufacture 6.5GW of wafers every year. The increased production capability equips Trina Solar with enhanced versatility in distributing its products across the globe.

The green light for production was granted on 31 July, and the inaugural 12-inch monocrystalline silicon rod was crafted on 4 August, hinting at the imminent production of the initial wafers.

Apart from its wafer production capability of 6.5GW, the new facility boasts a cell capacity of 4GW and module capacity of 5GW. The silicon wafer plant encompasses monocrystalline pulling, silicon rod square processing, slicing, and silicon processing. The resulting wafers find primary utilisation in cell and module production at Trina Solar’s establishments in Vietnam and Thailand, serving the purpose of supplying Trina Solar’s products to the US market.

The Vertex modules, manufactured by Trina Solar outside of China, play a pivotal role in addressing the surging global demand for photovoltaic modules that offer exceptional power, efficiency, reliability, energy yield, and cost-effectiveness. The production of silicon rods and wafers at the Vietnamese facility will guarantee a consistent supply of materials for the company’s module manufacturing sites situated overseas.

The wafer factory in Thai Nguyen employs 700 local individuals.

In November 2020, Trina Solar signed a contract to purchase 210mm monocrystal silicon wafers from Tianjin Huanou International Silicon Material, a subsidiary of Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor.