Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Trina Solar) and Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., (hereinafter Zhonghuan) signed a framework contract. Under the contract, Trina Solar intends to purchase 210mm monocrystal silicon wafers from Tianjin Huanou International Silicon Material Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhonghuan. During the proposed procurement period between January 2021 and December 2021, the estimated total contract value is about 6.552 billion yuan (including tax) with no less than 1.2 billion pieces.

Gao Jifan, Chairman of Trina Solar, and Shen Haoping, General Manager of Zhonghuan, attended the signing ceremony held at Trina Solar’s headquarters in Changzhou.

Gao Jifan, Chairman of Trina Solar, said that the procurement of more than 1.2 billion units of 210mm monocrystal silicon wafers will provide a strong guarantee to implement the capacity planning of Trina Solar’s 210mm PV cells and modules, and to supply the offerings of Vertex ultra-high-power modules, meeting more customer demands for ultra-high-power modules in a timely manner. In this way, Trina Solar will be better positioned to create greater value for their customers. The photovoltaic industry has entered the 600W+ era with the technology further iterating and developing at an accelerated speed. Module design has always centered around the premise of improving system efficiency and reducing the cost of electricity generated per kilowatt hour. Additionally, module design thinking also necessitates breakthrough innovation, which is not only based on existing capacity and technology updates, but also on revolutionary application of new silicon wafer and battery technologies. Collaborative innovation between companies is needed to completely connect core areas such as R&D, manufacturing and application, so that the industrialization and marketization of modules can be accomplished more rapidly to generate profit and value for end customers. This is an inevitable trend in the progressive development of the industry.

Zhonghuan is a Chinese high-tech enterprise in the semiconductor energy-saving and new energy industry. It is also one of the manufacturers with the most complete range of monocrystal silicon products. The general manager, Shen Haoping, said, “Zhonghuan is in pursuit of long-term steady development, maintaining competitiveness in segment markets and achieving long-term success. The company upholds the professional spirit of serving customers and focusing on main businesses, attaching great importance to quality control. We look forward to achieving synergetic development with upstream and downstream enterprises in the photovoltaic industry chain, creating breakthroughs in areas such as manufacturing methods and technological innovation.”

Companies from all segments in the industrial chain are working toward a common goal, which is to promote the cost reduction of photovoltaic systems and electricity generated per kilowatt hour, and to continuously drive down the feed-in tariff. Together with Zhonghuan in the future, Trina Solar will further strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation, conduct corresponding technical research and product development, drive technological innovation in the photovoltaic industry, and expand the influence and application of advanced technologies in the photovoltaic industry to bring about a broader value-added space to the industry in the aim of jointly promoting the development of global new energy industry.