Skyborn Renewables Sweden (Skyborn Sweden), a fully-owned subsidiary of Skyborn Renewables, has submitted a permit application to build the 3GW Polargrund offshore wind farm in Sweden.

The permit application for the offshore wind facility was filed with the Swedish government and Land and Environment court in accordance with the Environmental code and law on Sweden’s economic zone (EEZ).

Proposed to be developed nearly 35km south of Kalix, the Polargrund offshore wind farm will feature between 70 and 120 wind turbine generators.

Once completed, the Swedish offshore wind farm is expected to produce up to 10TWh of clean energy or 200,000 tons of green hydrogen per annum. This is equivalent to power more than 7% of the country’s current electricity consumption.

According to Skyborn Renewables, the energy generated from the Polargrund facility will address the rising demand from the rapidly expanding industries in Norrbotten which are shifting to cleaner operations.

Skyborn Sweden CEO Niclas Broman said: “Polargrund Offshore is a key project for realising the business sector’s expansive development plans in Norrbotten and enabling Sweden’s move towards net-zero emissions.

“As the developer of Sweden’s northernmost offshore wind farm, we are committed to overcoming the unique challenges of constructing such a large-scale project in an arctic environment.”

Last week, the Gotland County Administrative Board in Sweden decided to recommend the Swedish government to award permit for the 5.5GW Aurora offshore wind farm to be developed by OX2 and Ingka Investments.

If the approval is secured, then the first phase of the offshore wind project could be operational by 2030. The project will annually deliver more than 6TWh to South Sweden.