LLOG Exploration has finalised development plans for the Spruance field following continued successful drilling results at its Spruance discovery in deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

Located in Ewing Bank (EW) 877/921, the Spruance field was initially discovered via a subsalt exploratory well in 1,600ft of water by LLOG and its partners in mid-2019.

Following drilling to a total depth of 17,000ft, the first exploration well EW 877 #1 logged approximately 150 net feet of oil pay in multiple high-quality Miocene sands.

In earlier October, the second well, EW 921 #1, was drilled to a total depth of 16,600ft and successfully delineated the main field pays.

This well logged additional oil pay in its exploratory portion, resulting in finding a total of over 200 net feet of oil.

Two exploration wells planned to be completed in 2021

Planned to be completed in 2021, the two wells are scheduled to commence first oil sales in early 2022.

In July this year, LLOG and its partners signed a production handling agreement (PHA) for the processing of Spruance reserves at the EnVen-operated Lobster platform in EW 873, via 14-mile (22.5km) subsea tieback.

LLOG president and CEO Philip LeJeune said: “We are pleased to announce the discovery and subsequent delineation of the Spruance prospect in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

“The results of the second well confirmed our understanding of the field’s reserve potential. We are also pleased to have finalized development plans for the field.

“By utilizing the EnVen-operated Lobster facility, LLOG will be able to efficiently develop Spruance in a cost-effective manner with an efficient cycle-time.”

LLOG operates Spruance field with 22.64% stake while other partners include Ridgewood Energy (23.89%), Houston Energy (11.2%), Red Willow (11.15%), EnVen (13.5%), CL&F (6%), and Beacon Asset Holdings (11.61%).

In June this year, LLOG Exploration Offshore has sanctioned its Taggart discovery and finalised the plans to develop via the Devils Tower Spar in the US GOM.