GE Nuovo Pignone has won a contract to install a 5.9 MWe PGT5B gas turbine at Cartiera di Vignaletto’s paper manufacturing facility in Verona. The PGT5B will be installed in late 1999, with commercial operation in early 2000.

The PGT5B is GE Nuovo Pignone’s newest gas turbine. It is a 5.9 MWe machine available in single shaft configuration for power generation.

The 5B compressor is similar to the compressor of the PGT10B, but is smaller. The axial flow compressor has 11 stages, producing a pressure ratio of 15.0:1. The first three stages of stator blades can be adjusted to optimise efficiency by maximising exhaust gas temperature at part load operation.

The annular combustor for the PGT5B has 18 fuel nozzles, and can operate on natural gas or liquid fuel. The baseload firing temperature is 1200°C.