The Jinshan thermal power plant located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China is being expanded through the addition of two new coal-fired units of 660MW capacity each.

Inner Mongolia Energy Power Investment Group, a Mengneng Group company, is undertaking the phase two expansion of the power plant with an estimated investment of £565.7m ($699m).

The Jinshan coal-fired power expansion project was approved by the Energy Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in April 2020, while the ground-breaking ceremony was held in May 2020 with the commissioning of units three and four expected by December 2022 and March 2023, respectively.

Upon the completion of the expansion, the Jinshan thermal power plant will generate an estimated 7.26 billion kWh of electricity annually apart from providing additional heating to approximately 30 million square metres.

Location and site details

The Jinshan coal-fired thermal power plant expansion project is located in the south of Dayanggao village, Taigemu town, Tumote left Banner, Hohhot city, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

The project site occupies approximately 350acres in the Hohhot Jinshan Economic Technological Development Zone and is situated to the east side of the Cash Mountain thermal power plant.

Jinshan thermal power plant expansion make-up

The Jinshan thermal power plant expansion comprises two 660MW ultra-supercritical, coal-fired power units. Each unit will be equipped with an indirect air-cooled, extraction condensing steam turbine and a 2106t/h one-through pulverised coal boiler.

The project also involves the construction of flue gas desulfurisation and denitrification units to control emissions.

The other components of the project includes coal yards, raw coal conveying system, water supply and drainage systems, a wastewater treatment facility, circulating cooling systems, ash removal systems, 228-high indirect air-cooling towers, automatic flue gas monitoring systems, ash silos, and slag silos.

The ash yard is located approximately 10km west of the power plant site.

Coal and water consumption

The Jinshan thermal power plant expansion project will utilise standard coal of 225g/kWh calorific value.

The annual water consumption of the expansion project is expected to be approximately 2.68 million cubic metres (mcm).

Contractors involved

Shouhang Hi-Tech Energy Technology Company and Northwest Power Construction Third Engineering Company consortium signed a contract with Inner Mongolia Energy Power Investment Group Company for the supply and construction of indirect air-cooling system and circulating water system equipment in October 2020.

China Energy Construction Group Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Company and Tianjin Electric Power Construction Company won the contract for the construction of the Jinshan thermal power plant expansion project in May 2020.

Dongfang Electric won the bid for the supply and installation of the steam turbine generator sets along with the ancillary equipment in April 2020.

Electric Power Planning and Research Centre was engaged for the design review for the expansion project in April 2020, while Design Institute Company was engaged for the preparation of environmental impact report.

Jinshan thermal power plant phase one

Phase one of the Jinshan thermal power plant consists of two 300MW coal-fired units that have been in service since December 2012.

Located in the Dandong of Liaoning province, the power plant uses the mix of bituminous coal and lignite for power generation.

Developed by Huadian Dandong Jinshan Thermal Power Company, a subsidiary of Shenyang Jinshan Energy Company, the construction of the Jinshan power plant was launched in November 2009.