The Great Wall thermal power plant is a 2GW ultra-supercritical, coal-fired power project being developed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

The coal-fired power facility is being jointly invested and developed by Inner Mongolia Energy Construction Investment Company, Inner Mongolia Energy Power Generation Investment Group, Northern United Power Company and Shandong Energy Xinwen Mining Group.

While the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission approved the project in August 2017, the ground-breaking ceremony for the £668m ($870m) coal-fired facility was held in July 2020.

Scheduled for commissioning in March 2023, the Great Wall coal-fired power station is expected to generate up to 17.5 billion kWh of electricity annually.

Location and site details

The ultra-supercritical thermal power project is located to the southeast of Shanghai Miao Energy and Chemical Base of Etuoke Qianqi, near the Ordos city, in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

The project site occupies approximately 499.5acres, approximately 40km away from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

The Great Wall power plant make-up

The coal-fired power project will be equipped with two 1GW ultra-supercritical coal-fired units with each unit comprising a 2973t/h variable pressure steam generator and a dual-back pressure condensing steam turbine.

Each once-through coal furnace of the power station will be equipped with six sets of medium speed coal pulverisers.

The other components of the project will include the coal conveying system, 198m-high cooling towers, limestone-based wet flue gas desulfurisation (FGD) units, denitrification units, dust removal equipment, condensate pumps, and a substation. The power station will also be equipped with electrostatic precipitators to control emissions.

Coal and water consumption

The Great Wall power project is estimated to consume approximately 5.15 million tonnes (Mt) of coal per annum which  will be sourced from the Great Wall 3, 5, and 6 coal mines owned by Shandong New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy Company.

The annual water consumption for the thermal power project is expected to be about 2.654 million cubic metres (mcm) annually.

The project has received a water drawing permit approved by the Yellow River Conservancy Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources.

Contractors involved

Mengneng Group was contracted for the civil construction works of the Great Wall thermal power project in 2020.

Northwest Research Institute of China Power Engineering Corporation was engaged for the survey and design of the coal power plant in May 2016.

Beijing Guohuan Tiandi Environmental Technology was engaged to carry out the environmental impact assessment study of the Great Wall power plant in 2016.

Great Wall coal-fired power project background

The environmental impact assessment report of the Great Wall power plant was approved by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2017.

The Great Wall coal-fired power station is intended to support the ±800kV ultra-high-voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission project from Shanghai Miao to Linyi in the Shandong province of China.