The Guangming power project is a 2GW gas-fired combined cycle power plant under construction in the Guangdong province, China. It is also known as the Shenzhen Energy Guangming power base project.

Owned by Chinese state power utility Shenzhen Energy Group, the project is being developed by its subsidiary Shenzhen Energy Guangming Power Company with an estimated investment of £883m ($1.21bn).

The project is planned to have a total capacity of 3GW, out of which 2GW is being executed as part of phase one development.

Construction on the power plant was started in September 2021 and the first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Phase one of the Guangming combined cycle power plant is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by three million tonnes (Mt) per year, once it is fully commissioned.

The Guangming power plant development is expected to support the retirement of the Guangdong Shajiao coal-fired power complex that will go offline by 2025.

Location and site details

The Guangming combined cycle power plant is located in the Guangming district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China.

The project site will occupy a total area of around 200,000m2, with a construction area of approximately 140,000m2.

Guangming combined cycle power plant make-up

The Guangming combined cycle power plant will feature three 9HA.01 heavy-duty gas turbines along with steam turbines and generators. It will be designed to operate at a power generation efficiency of 63%.

The facility will be equipped with advanced dry low nitrogen (DLN) combustion technology along with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) denitration system to control the emissions level below 10 Milligram per standard cubic metre (mg/m3).

The other components of the power plant project will include a cooling tower, waste heat boiler, feed water pump, plant transformer, start-up and standby transformer, and a gas-insulated switchyard (GIS).

The power plant will also be able to operate as a combined cooling, heating and power generation facility. The waste heat produced by the plant will be used to deliver steam, hot water, refrigeration, and other services to enterprises and residents in the surrounding localities.

Water supply

The Guangming combined cycle power plant will utilise the reclaimed water from the Guangming sewage plant and Gongming sewage treatment plant as the water source.

Infrastructure facilities

The infrastructure facilities at the Guangming combined cycle power plant will consist of an air compressor unit, a hydrogen supply station, a diesel generator, a water purification treatment system, an industrial wastewater treatment area, rainwater reuse treatment facilities, a material maintenance warehouse, a centralised control building, and an administrative building.

Power evacuation

The electricity generated from the Guangming combined cycle power plant will be evacuated to the Gongming-Chengqi transmission system through a 220kV double circuit power transmission line.

Contractors involved

General Harbin Electric Gas Turbine (Qinhuangdao) Company was awarded a contract by Shenzhen Energy Group Corporation to manufacture and deliver power generation equipment to the Guangming combined cycle power plant in March 2022.

GE will provide gas turbines for the power plant as part of the contract, while Harbin Electric is responsible for the delivery of steam turbines and generators. General Harbin Electric Gas Turbine (Qinhuangdao) Company is a joint venture between General Electric (GE) and Harbin Electric joint venture that was formed in 2019 to promote heavy-duty gas turbine localisation in China.

Guangming combined cycle power plant background

The Guangming combined cycle power plant was launched in February 2019 with the aim to build four H-class gas-steam combined cycle units in the Guangming power base. In June 2021, the project design was modified to install only three H-class combined-cycle units to meet the requirements of the provincial government.

It is a key project in the Guangdong province's 14th fifth-year plan for National Economic and Social Development and the Outline of Vision 2035.