The Grudziadz power project is a 560MW gas-fired combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant under development in the Kujawy-Pomorskie province, Poland.

CCGT Grudziądz, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) entirely owned by Polish electricity supplier Energa Group, is responsible for the development of the power generation facility. ORLEN Group owns a 90.92% stake in Energa.

ORLEN Group executed an agreement with Energa to provide the total financing required for the construction of the gas-fired power plant in August 2021. The financing was subject to the signing of the capacity agreement by CCGT Grudziądz.

Construction works on the project are expected to commence in 2022 and the power plant is scheduled to be commissioned by 2025.

The Grudziadz combined cycle gas turbine power plant development is expected to boost Poland’s decarbonisation efforts for the energy sector, by contributing to a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The power plant is part of ORLEN Group's efforts to expand its energy business through the addition of renewable energy projects, small nuclear reactors and low-emission gas energy.

Location and site details

The Grudziadz combined cycle gas turbine power plant is located in the districts of Węgrowo and Pastwiska, the southern part of the Grudziadz city in the Kujawy-Pomorskie province, Poland.

The project site lies within the area of the Local Spatial Development Plan (MPZP), with access to the national gas transmission and power networks. It is also in close proximity to the reservoir/watercourse.

Grudziadz combined cycle gas turbine power plant details

The Grudziadz combined cycle gas turbine power plant will feature a gas turbine and a condensing steam turbine designed to deliver a net power output of 560MW.

The power plant will utilise a closed wet mechanical draft cooling tower arrangement, equipped with supporting and related infrastructure. The plant is expected to deliver more than 60% efficiency in nominal conditions, along with providing availability and flexibility.

It will be operated on high-methane natural gas type E (GZ-50) for the generation of electricity and also on light heating oil during an emergency. The design of the turbine will also facilitate to co-burn a mixture of gas and hydrogen. It is expected to run only hydrogen in future.

The other components in the power plant will include a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), a wet cooling tower, chimney, generator and transformer, along with the pumping stations.

Infrastructure facilities

The infrastructure facilities at the Grudziadz combined cycle gas turbine power plant will consist of a gas supply system with gas pipelines, gas filter, gas reduction and expansion station.

It will also comprise a sewage water treatment system, electrical devices, a 110kV backup transformer for lightning arrestors and earthing switches.

Power evacuation

The electricity generated from the Grudziadz combined cycle gas turbine power plant will be evacuated through a 400kV power transmission line.

Power purchase agreement

In December 2021, a 17-year contract was executed with the Transmission System Operator on the capacity market to deliver electricity generated by the Grudziadz power plant. The first power under the contract is expected to be supplied in 2026.

Contractors involved

A consortium of Siemens Energy Global, Siemens Energy and Mytilineos was awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract by CCGT Grudziadz for the development of the Grudziądz gas-fired project in May 2022. The consortium is also responsible for the investment in the power project.

DWF provided advisory services to CCGT Grudziądz on the contracts related to the construction and maintenance of the power plant. The scope of services included investment implementation, preparation and negotiation of the EPC and long-term service agreement (LTSA) contracts.

Energoprojekt-Katowice was engaged to deliver technical and commercial advisory services for the selection of a general contractor for the project in 2018.

Energa Wytwarzanie, an entity of Energa Group, delivered tenders-related services for the project.

Bireta Translation Agency was engaged by Siemens Energy to document translation services of the power project.