Granville Harbour wind farm is a 112MW onshore wind farm under construction in Tasmania, Australia.

The wind farm will generate enough clean electricity to power 46,000 homes and will help Tasmania reach its goal to become completely reliant on renewable energy by 2022.

Expected to be operational by late-2019, the Granville Harbour wind farm will have an operational life of 20 years.

Construction works for the wind farm were started towards the end of 2018. The project is expected to generate 200 temporary jobs during construction and ten permanent jobs during the operational phase.

Granville Harbour wind farm financing and ownership details

The Granville Harbour wind power project is being developed with an estimated investment of $280m.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, MUFG Bank, and Westpac Banking Corporation are providing senior debt facilities for the project.

The project financing also includes equity commitments of $34m from Palisade’s Renewable Energy Fund (PREF) and $25m of direct equity commitment from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

The Granville Harbour wind project was initially undertaken by Westcoast Wind. Palisade Investment Partners acquired the project in February 2018. John Laing Investments acquired 49.8% stake in the project in November 2018.

Granville Harbour Operations (GHO), a special-purpose entity, manages the project on behalf of Palisade Investment Partners.

Granville Harbour wind farm site details

The Granville Harbour wind farm is being developed on a 1,200ha site that houses a working cattle farm, approximately 35km north-west of Zeehan, on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Granville Harbour wind farm make-up

The Granville Harbour wind farm will be equipped with 31 Vestas V126-3.6MW wind turbines with 62m-long blades and 137m-tall tower.

With 126m-rotor diameter, each pitch regulated direct drive turbine has a swept area of 12,469m². The rated capacity of each turbine will be 3.6MW.

Granville Harbour wind farm will feature the tallest turbines in Tasmania. The wind farm’s substation will be located in the north-eastern part of the project site. It will house a number of incoming 33kV feeder bays, up to two 33kV/220kV transformers, and a 220kV outgoing feeder bay, along with a protection and control room.

Grid connection

The electricity generated by the wind farm will be fed through an 11km overhead transmission line connecting the national grid at the Reece power station.

The transmission line will run alongside an existing power distribution line beside the Heemskirk and Wilson Roads to the Reece Power Station.

Power purchase agreement

Hydro Tasmania will purchase 360GWh of electricity a year from the Granville Harbour wind farm under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA).

Contractors involved

Vestas was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for the Granville Harbour wind farm in July 2018.

The scope of the contract includes supply of wind turbines as well as a 25-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement.

TasNetworks is responsible for the construction of the transmission line to connect the project to the power grid.

Pitt & Sherry provided engineering and environmental consultancy services for the Granville Harbour wind farm.