The SAP SDM package is based on the SAP industry Solution Oil and Gas, the package provides additional functionalities like a Sales Logistics Cockpit for order placement, an easy to use graphical planning and disposition board for truck scheduling and logistics, and applications for delivery fulfilment. An interfacing toolbox and monitor ensure easy integration of external systems and partners. The Process Automation Tool reduces the manual activities and ensures a consistent integration from logistics to finance.

     SAP SDM consists of:

SAP SDM / OGSD – Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution
SAP SDM / CPR – Continuous Product Replenishment
SAP SDM / IDM – Integrated Dispatch Management

     Business Benefits of SAP SDM

  • Simplified and optimized automated processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Simplified dispatching Improved utilization of assets
  • Instantaneous response
  • Reduced transportation costs, labor costs and inventory levels
  • Improved overall cost-efficiency based on better decision-making aids and resource utilization

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