As an efficient management tool, SAP RFNO supports, for example:
  • Daily lessee settlement
  • Fuel inventory management
  • Replenishment (SAP RFNO / CSR)
  • Payment and fleet card management
  • Standard POS interfaces (e.g. WEAT)
  • Automate price setting

SAP RFNO is an extremely user-friendly, scalable solution that offers extensive analysis and control mechanisms, making it especially suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

     Business Benefits:

  • Automated delivery forecast and supply
  • Fast and easy error tracking
  • Shorten cash cycles by “first time right” bills
  • Improve payment card handling and settlement
  • Improve fuels retail operation margins
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Automate service station processes
  • Avoid / minimize stock-outs
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Accurate and real-time transparency
  • Uniform, efficient processes throughout the service station network
  • Reliable deliveries based on actual tank levels and consumption patterns (forecast)
  • Safeguards service station network operation 24/7

     Sales Forecasts with SAP RFNO / CSR

Any company wishing to optimize its stock keeping and ensure continuous replenishment at the same time needs as detailed information as possible about anticipated sales. The innovative functionality of SAP RFNO / CSR (Continuous Station Replenishment) provides reliable forecasts of future fuel sales.

Based on the fuel inventories and expected sales, SAP RFNO / CSR calculates when replenishment should best take place for each product type. The system then automatically generates a corresponding sales order, which can also be passed on to the tour planning SAP SDM/ IDM straight away.

     Intelligent Pricing

Fuel prices at the pump are market prices that are subject to intense competitive pressure. Having higher prices than competitors can quickly lead to lost sales. As a rule, service station operators must closely monitor the competition and adjust prices accordingly, often several times a day. These adjustments need to be made quickly but are anything but simple. With SAP RFNO, price setting can now be automated.

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