Alphatec grouting resins

  • AT 800: high performance,water tolerant, aggregate-filled epoxy grout with superior mechanical and chemical properties.
  • AT 800w: winter version.
  • AT 440: modified epoxy resin-based adhesive which is used to bond new concrete to old.
  • AT 170: two-component epoxy chock grout system, approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • AT 110: high performance, aggregate- filled, fast curing epoxy grout.

Alphatec injection resins

  • AT 300: general purpose injection resin with low viscosity, long pot-life, and moderate speed of cure.
  • AT 342: specially formulated for moisture resistance, shows exceptionally good bond to wet or submersed concrete.
  • AT 370: is specially formulated for oil tolerance, and shows good bond to oil- soaked concrete and other contaminated surfaces.

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