1) The right product for the job must be used. Epoxy grouts come in several flavours: high-temperature types (150°C at the footing); underwater or moisture-tolerant types, which can be very useful when working in the open in a wet climate; low-temperature curing types – good for winter projects, or high latitude/high altitude projects. Please consult us well in advance of the installation date for specific product recommendations, designs and procedures.

2) The product must be used correctly! Make sure the contractor using the product knows what he is doing. If in doubt, ask us to supervise the job, or do the installation directly. The value of the product appears when it has been properly stored, handled, mixed, poured, placed, and finished; under a machine which has been properly prepared, cleaned, deburred, edges ground, corners removed, etc; with anchor bolts that have a suitable embedment length, and a suitable isolated stretch length; on a concrete foundation that has been properly designed, cast, cured, surface prepared, cleaned, etc.

As the only epoxy grout manufacturer with its own contracting arm, Alphatec Engineering is uniquely placed to give you the best combination of products and services.