We produce high quality offshore and construction steel pipes suited to the most diverse applications for international markets on a worldwide scale:

Tubulars, cans, legs, piles, bracings, conductors, risers and tethers.

Bridges, stadiums and high-rises.

Steel structures under water:
Piles, dolphins and anchor piles.

We manufacture offshore and construction pipes exhibiting the following tolerances:

Tolerances I (length)

  • A: + / – 6mm
  • B: + / – 10mm

Tolerances II (ovalness)

  • Dn < 610mm: Dmax - Dmin < 1 % Dn
  • 610mm <= Dn < 1,320mm: Dmax - Dmin < 0,75 % Dn or 6mm (greater value)

Tolerances III (linearity / perpendicularity)

  • Linearity: Xmax <= 10mm for 12m length
  • Perpendicularity of pipe ends: D pü <= 3m

We use C-Mn steel grades of up to and including X80 and special grades offshore into making our offshore and construction pipes.