We offer our clients over 40 years of experience in underground construction, and our expertise is manifested in our mobile sprayers. Applications include spraying systems that are mechanised and automated, and self-propelled. We’re proud of their superior quality, productivity, operational safety, and satisfaction that they bring to our customers.

Not only are we dedicated to sharing our wide range of excellent equipment, but we’re also present during the whole spraying process. With our technical know-how, we’re partners in concrete admixtures and accelerators, and problem solving.

To facilitate the learning process involved in our concrete spraying methods, our technical team delivers on-sight training.

Certified members of the European Federation for Specialist Construction Chemicals and Concrete System (EFNARC) also support Normet’s priorities of safety and quality work; they assess whether sprayers exhibit the necessary skill and knowledge to be accredited in the EFNARC Nozzle Certification Scheme.


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