We supply machinery pipes for extensive applications to companies all over the world. Mechanical engineering usually involves allowing for the lowest tolerances possible. For this reason, our pipes are utilised as rolls, particularly in the paper industry:

Paper industry

  • Felt rolls
  • Wire rolls
  • Press rolls
  • Dryers
  • Reel spools
  • Winder drums

Other machinery

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Cable drums
  • Yarn rollers
  • Rolls for weaving machinery
  • Cardan shafts
  • Dryer rolls

Pressure vessel manufacturing

Depending upon the equipment and processes involved, we offer machinery pipes with different dimensions.

We have our own machining center, where we can mechanically customise the large-diameter steel pipes according to your specifications. A universal lathe takes care of work on the exterior, while a universal boring machine is used for work on the interior.

The following processing can be carried out:

  • Roll pipes with close tolerances and no additional machining
  • Roll pipes with additional machining: Outer / inner diameter with rough or finished lathing and boringt
  • Roll pipes with other additional machining
  • Roll pipes with stress relieved heat treatment, annealing, or normalising
  • Dimensions: 500mm – 4,000mm (19.7in – 13ft). 20mm – 250mm (0.8in – 9.8in) wall thickness. 2,000mm – 13,400mm (80in – 43ft 11in) length

Machining the exterior: Lathing

  • Dimensions – Outer diameter above slide rest: 500mm – 2,000mm (19.7in – 80in). Length: max. 12,500mm (41ft)
  • Surface finish: Ra 0,8µm
  • Bearing placement – Machining the ends according to customer specifications. Drilling threads on front sides. Preparing rounded surfaces for coverings

Machining the interior: Boring

  • Dimensions – Outer diameter: 500mm – 1,900mm (19.7in – 74.8in). Inner diameter: 370mm – 1,800mm (14.5in – 70.8in). Length: max. 14,000mm (45.9ft)
  • Tolerances – Concentricity: max. 0.3mm (0.01in). Diameter: +/- 0.25mm (0.009in) surface roughness Ra