Worldwide, energy (e.g. district heating) and raw materials such as oil, gas, and water are sometimes transported over very long distances. The pipes used in such cases, in pipelines, for instance, are subjected to extensive stresses:

  • Due to pressure (e.g., deep sea)
  • Due to temperature (e.g., LNG-plants, G + D power plants)
  • Due to corrosion (interior/exterior)
  • Various mechanical forces

At the same time, demand has arisen for increased pipe lengths with the individual pipe weight reduced and yet high quality and special properties remaining constant.

At Eisenbau Krämer, we have faced this challenge, and for our customers all over the world we produce longitudinally welded line pipes to meet special requirements:

  • For L-shaped pipes
  • Plated on the interior / clad material
  • For use at low temperatures, down to -101
  • Made of alloys containing up to 9% Cr and Gr. 91
  • For maximum sour service
  • Stress relieved heat treatment (Cl. 22)
  • Normalised (Cl. 32)

We fabricate line pipes on the basis of the following materials:

  • Up to L 555MB (EN 10208/2)
  • Up to API X80 (and in the near future: X100)
  • Up to A 203 Gr. D / 10 Ni 14
  • Grade 9 / grade 91
  • CLAD: up to X60 /X65 as base material, sheathing made of 304L; 316L; Alloy 825/625

And according to the following specifications:

DIN | ASTM | API | EN | UNI | NFA | BS | TU, as well as in adherence to customers’ specifications.

We are always interested in any questions or requests you may have. Should you find a certain specification lacking in our standard line, then just contact us. If you have special requirements, we will be glad to comply with your requests concerning:

  • Pipe length
  • Machining pipe ends
  • Non-damaging tests using ultrasonic waves, x-rays, magnetic powder, penetration of dyes, water pressure
  • Interior and exterior insulation