Our buy-side research service includes company tracking, company monitoring, quick market estimates, and financial modeling, whereas our sell-side research service comprises of market watch services, technical reports, research of key sectors, and company research and modeling.

Sell-side research analysts typically follow a list of companies operating in the same industry and design models to demonstrate the financial results of the companies. Moreover, these analysts seek vital inputs from competitors, suppliers, customers, and other sources possessing important knowledge about the industry. From the public’s perspective, the end result of their work is a comprehensive compilation of recommendations to a stock’s expected performance, price target, set of financial estimations, and crucial research findings.

Buy-side research analysts, on the other hand, are much more concerned about staying on the right track of analysis and giving out accurate results. It is a crucial part of their job to benefit the fund with high-alpha ideas as is avoiding the occurrence of major errors. In other words, keeping the negative at bay is often a vital job responsibility. However, one could tell that buy-side research analysts flaunt broader coverage responsibilities.