Thinking ahead on the future challenges in the industry, Faccin has developed a line of 3-roll or 4-roll rolling machines with extra capacity that will keep up with its growth in terms of width and thickness. A new technology for maximising productivity and minimising consumption.

Valuable features:

  • 3-roll or 4-roll rolling machines designed for cans and cones.
  • Heavy duty base frame to guarantee an extreme accuracy on the final rolled sections.
  • Electronic balancing system of the rolls for maximum precision.
  • High bending force installed for best pre-bending of plates.
  • Optimised automatic calibration functions to cut production time.
  • Optimised automatic bending functions for cones to match the tightest tolerances.
  • Efficient hydraulic system with high speed and low power consumption.
  • Micro positioning for perfect repeatability and high productivity.
  • Special transmission system and centralised lubrication.


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