The Utilift selection is applied to projects that feature explosive charging, roof reinforcement, installation of ventilation equipment, cables, and pipes. The option of a high-comfort, fully-enclosed operator’s cab improves driving ergonomics.

Other Utilift options include:

  • A side-shift platform
  • Platform tilt
  • Crane
  • Pipe Installing Equipment
  • Air compressors
  • An electrically driven power pack for platform hydraulics
  • ANFO charging kits and helper

Normet’s engineers have experienced extensive partnerships with tunnelling experts and clients worldwide. The Himec portfolio is a result of those collaborations. It signifies a comprehension of its customers’ requirements in regards to lifting and access machinery for environments featuring hard and soft rock.

The Himec equipment has a rich assortment of platform configurations and standard options. Customizable for targeted lifting and installation processes, its systems also comply with the most recent safety regulations.

Along with bearing the recognisable Normet mining carrier, the Himec technology is also CE-approved.

Customisable Lifting and Installation Equipment

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