Created to fulfil projects that demand full carrier utilization, the Utimec units are customisable. This is an asset that proves to be beneficial in virtually any type of transport, such as personnel, material, and fuel. The Utimec machines can also be modified to assist in lubrication, and can be applied as a flat bed with a crane.


The Multimec handling function allows for the cassette system to slide on and off, an ideal design feature for changeable transport requirements. Each sequence of varying cassettes has a unique application for the cost-effective and secure transportation of your workforce, material, and other valuable assets.


These units are similar to the Multimec in that they’re economical and safe. The Variomec design concept adopts an articulated carrier, and interchangeable work modules:

  • A rock-hauling dump kit
  • A remixer kit for concrete transport
  • A boom lift for man lifting

Normet RBO

This model represents our high-speed transporter of men and material in challenging underground environments. A robust diesel engine not only complies with stringent emission regulations, but also ensures ease and security for its passengers.

A wide range of accessories also allows the Normet RBO to be converted into a multi-purpose subterranean support vehicle.

Normet RBO