Ultra high strength quenched and tempered plate has the advantage of giving high strength while offering weight reduction in fabrications. The lifespan of critical components can also be significantly increased. The steels, despite their additional strength, can all be machined, welded, cut and bent with the minimum of extra care and equipment.

Brown McFarlane stocks a range of branded products produced by Tata Europe as well as steel to European standards. The available grades are:

  • RQT 701 and RQT 901
  • EN 10025 S690QL, S890QL, and S960QL
  • ASTM and ASME grades are available to order

Ultra high strength steel is regularly specified for applications such as cranes, mining equipment, forklifts, and vehicle chassis.

Abrasion resistant steel plates (also known as wear plates) are available from stock with certified hardness of 400 Brinell, 450 Brinell, and 500 Brinell. The Brown McFarlane product is produced with a low carbon equivalent value making it easier to weld, bend, and machine despite its high hardness. Wear plate significantly increases the life of components that are exposed to abrasive conditions and so is regularly used in fabrications like excavator buckets, bulldozer blades, hoppers, tipper truck bodies, line pans, and stone crushing machinery.

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