The following specifications and grades are available from stock:

  • EN 10028-3 P460NL1
  • EN10028-3 P460NL2
  • EN10028-3 P460NH
  • EN10025-3 S460N

All plates are manufactured with a thickness tolerance in accordance with EN 10029 Class C. Plates are certified in accordance with EN 10204 3.2 Lloyds Register.

Stock plates are ordered with restricted chemistry to ensure excellent weldability with carbon equivalent values of 0.50% maximum up to 30mm thick and 0.53% maximum over 30mm thick. The yield strength is guaranteed to be a minimum of 450MPa for all plates 50mm thick and below.

The high strength to weight ratio of this type of steel can significantly reduce the overall weight of components making it suitable for applications such as bridges, plate girders, road tankers, and pressure vessels.

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