Watlow®, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of complete thermal systems, recently introduced the SERIES C1 extra-small, non-hazardous location control panel. This new addition to Watlow’s WATCONNECT® control panel family is simple to order, simple to setup and incorporates Watlow’s thermal components in a UL® recognized package that can be delivered in less than two weeks.

The SERIES C1 is a single-phase, standard control panel that is quickly configured for one or two loops. WATCONNECT control panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality process temperature controllers coupled with DIN-A-MITE® power switching devices for superior thermal performance and tight process temperature control offering a full-system solution for a variety of applications.

As with all WATCONNECT panels, the SERIES C1 offers bottom power entries for easy access to connections inside the panel, full documentation at the time of quotation to eliminate lengthy approval processes and multiple phone calls, an enclosure that easily mounts to a wall or frame for decreased installation time and fast acting fuses to protect sensitive solid-state components from damaging currents

WATCONNECT panels also support a wide variety of sensor inputs including ASTM thermocouple types J, K and T, 3-wire 100 ohm RTDs and four to 20mA process inputs to ensure compatibility with field equipment.

“With the SERIES C1 control panel, all the work has been done for you,” said Andy Borkowski, product manager. “This extra small panel is for single-phase applications, and all our customers have to do is install it. We’ve taken all of the component selection, complicated wiring, electrical connections and documentation out of the equation for the customer making their lives easier. And, they can receive the panel in less than two weeks.”