Staten Island, NY – 1/07/2018 – Tech Products, Inc. is a global source of quality identification products such as substation signage alerting the public and employees of hazards in an electrical substation. Using our ground breaking Everlast technology, we can make a substation sign survive any weather condition for over 40 years. This gives your safety program a very easy boost as signs are usually the one item that over time gets neglected. As signs age on most substrates, the ink fades and disappears making the sign worthless as a safety tool. Everlast has solved this challenge by not using ink at all.

Tech is a service company-an information provider. We work as a team member to help the utility follow all applicable NESC and ANSI standards. We also work with the energy company to find the best wording, graphics and colors to have an impact on the public.

We have dedicated the past 70 years to making the best products for utilities and we look forward to helping you on your signage needs.