There is a prevalence of specialized wound cleansers which might contain moisturizers, debridement agents, skin protectants, and antimicrobials. Wound cleanser products can be used both by individuals at home and by professional healthcare personnel.

It is predicted that the global market of wound cleanser products would quite likely expand at a steady CAGR of 3.2 % over the forecast timeframe that extends from the year 2017 to 2025. The worldwide market for wound cleanser products has been prophesized to reach a market value of more than US$ 1.9 bn towards the end of 2025 from an amount of US$ 1.5 bn in the year 2017. North America is prognosticated to be a leader of this market for wound cleanser products and is foreseen to retain its supremacy throughout the forecast timeframe. The eminent market leaders along with the small players are constantly making efforts to pour in more and more innovation and product variety so as to capture bigger market share. The focal point remains on reaching out to more consumers with much better services and products.

B. Braun Melsungen AG, Molnlycke Healthcare, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc., Smith & Nephew plc., Johnson & Johnson Services Inc., Coloplast Group, Medtronic Plc., Derma Sciences Inc., 3M, and Convatec Group plc., are some noteworthy players that are operating in the world market for wound cleanser products. These market players are coming up with better and newer strategies that would further help in the expansion their base of consumer.

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Collaboration with E-commerce Players to Fuel Growth of the Market

The report mentions many prevailing factors that collectively contribute to the growth of the wound cleanser products market. The growth is mostly fuelled by the rising incidences of emergence and prevalence of chronic wounds, expansion of product line with variety, growing adoption of better products related to wound care, and demand of such improved wound care products in the settings of home.
Apart from the above mentioned reasons, the report also mentions some other growth promoting factors such as soaring cases of diabetes, increasing awareness about wound care products amongst the patients, incorporation of information related to healthcare facilities into the education system. As such the market for wound cleanser products are foreseen to gain impetus from these factors and surge ahead.
Furthermore, there is a constant research and development work that goes on in this industry which result in many different innovative products and services and technological breakthroughs.
Furthermore, market collaborations between distributors and manufacturers and growing acceptance of uniform and standardized protocol that take care of complex wounds are supporting the market too. These market boosters are, as such, also increasing the popularity of wound cleanser products.

The market, however, is restrained by the prevalence of some factors such as shortage of expert and skilled labor, host cost that is associated with such advanced dressing of wounds.

The category of wetting agents that comes under the segment of product type is expected to be the major driving segment of the market. It is prognosticated that it would claim a lion’s share of the world wound cleanser products market and is also foreseen to expand at a very high growth rate.

Asia Pacific to be a Lucrative Market for Wound Cleansers

North America been a leader in the market for wound cleanser products and the report predicts that the region would account for a lion’s share of the world market for wound cleanser products over the forecast timeframe that extends from 2017 to 2025.
There is, however, lack of enough awareness amongst the people in the Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa region. People of these regions are also not much aware of the associated medical risk factors thereby hindering the progress of the market in the said region. Nevertheless, the region is lucrative owing to its huge population base. As compared to other parts of the world, the region has high prevalence of chronic diseases, many types of ulcers and as such the market is ought to witness high growth.

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