Following a three-month pilot project, the Total refinery in Feyzin was the first to go live with this OpenTAS-integrated EMCS solution in December 2010. Originally, the plan was for a phased rollout to the other refineries. However, since the EMCS processes in Feyzin ran smoothly from the very beginning, Total decided to go live with its remaining four refineries at the same time.

Other customers for whom Implico has integrated the EMCS processes into their existing OpenTAS systems include OMV Deutschland, Petroplus und TanQuid. One difference to Implico’s EMCS work in Germany was the requirement to connect Total France to the French Customs system „Gamm@" – "Gestion de l’Accompagnement des Mouvements de Marchandises soumises à Accise."

Unlike the many web-based, non-integrated solutions, the OpenTAS-integrated EMCS solution deploys all customs-relevant processes to run automatically on backend systems. Nor is there any need to introduce any further manual (and thus time-consuming) workflows for shipping personnel. The automated transfer of loading data to the customs authorities also considerably improves data security while also increasing efficiency by enabling 24-hour operation. Lastly, an integrated system is also considerably cheaper to run.

OpenTAS is the proven all-in-one solution for the administration and automation of tank terminals and refineries. Implico implemented the solution at all five Total refineries in France as part of a project completed in 2010. OpenTAS works on-site as a standard communications hub, relaying data between each regional Terminal Administration System (TAS) and the central ERP system.