The Implico Group are pleased to announce that it will implement OpenTAS for Tesco. Following a lengthy and detailed selection process, the world’s third-largest retailer has decided on OpenTAS. The Best of Breed Fuels Supply Chain Solution, developed by Implico, will be used to automatically replenish the retail giant’s service stations and integrate with terminals, transport and ERP systems. The ultimate objective being a "lights-out" operation.

The fuels business was originally intended to support the company’s grocery business, but quickly grew to an important part of the company’s overall strategy. It has been managed to date with an internally developed system and supported by manual processes. Due to the growth in the sector, Tesco went to market in 2008 to find the best in class, fully integrated fuels supply chain solution that could be deployed to an ever challenging economic climate across the diverse geography of the UK and Ireland.

Implico were seen by Tesco to offer the world class solution they had been looking for, and combined with their depth of industry expertise, proven track record and global presence, were selected. Tesco’s decision to rely on the oil and gas experts from Implico was reinforced by positive recommendations from Topaz Energy (Ireland).

OpenTAS modules included the Automation of Stock Replenishment, Order and Dispatch Workbench Management, Scheduling and Transport Administration, Contract Performance and Management, Trips and Stock Reconciliation. The fuels application landscape requires an extended interfacing structure with the 10+ specific legacy applications. Further enhancements were realised for Contract Management, giving far more accuracy when lifting product from suppliers, allowing a daily monitoring of contracts and the avoidance of under and over lifting penalties. The supply chain will be completed with the optimisation of schedules and trip activities resulting in substantial efficiencies in transport.

Tesco Project Team have been very pleased with the Implico’s Proven Project Delivery Methodology and progress so far, commented "There were some very demanding time frames that we agreed to, however, despite these and the multitude of requirements we had, Implico and Tesco were able to agree and drive these deliverables through as a basis for great improvement and efficiencies in our fuel business".

The project has completed the Blueprint phase and will be realized mid-2010, with deployment to the fuels network thereafter.

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