In addition to the above category, the jury of "Exporter of the Year 2014", headed by Russia’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Georgy V. Kalamanov, at the end of October also selected the winners for "Most Rapidly Developing Russian Exporter", "Most Rapidly Developing Russian Exporter in the Field of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship", "Export Leader Among the Russian Federation’s Constituent Entities", and "Most Export-Oriented Russian Bank".

Entrants in the "Most Globally-Oriented Russian Exporter" category, where TENEX claimed the winning title, were judged by a formula (For more detail, visit the MIT’s website ( taking into account:

  • a specific company’s share in the country’s total exports of a product
  • the share of countries importing a company’s products in the total number of countries importing Russian products
  • the share of foreign buyers of a company’s products in the total number of its customers
  • the share of export products in a company’s overall product range.

Subject to the competition terms, entry to the contest was only allowed to companies supplying ‘products that fit in the category of non-resource exports’.