These are the first systems that Subsea Innovation have produced for RasGas who have a total production capacity of 37 million tonnes of gas per annum from its facilities in Qatar which are serviced by 27 LNG vessels.

These Connectors, which have been shipped to Qatar, are part of the critical contingency measures that RasGas have in place to support their operational pipelines. The Connectors have been designed to withstand pressures of up to 345 BARG, requiring tests to be completed to 431 BARG to take into account safety factors. The acceptance of these stringent tests was achieved as a result of a pressure hold for 4 hours with a 0% pressure drop. One of the most rigorous test scenarios in the company’s history.

The Connectors were designed to Design Code ASME VIII DIV 2

The significant difference between these Connectors and others that Subsea Innovation have produced previously, is that they were required to meet RasGas’ onerous weld specifications that included being Inconel clad. Inconel cladding provides additional protection for the pipeline against the sour gas that it is transporting and is notoriously difficult to apply and machine.

As well as securing the order to deliver the Connectors, Subsea Innovation were also successful in securing an order from RasGas for the delivery of 4 structural Pipeline Repair Clamps, again to act as contingency against leaks or damage, for pipelines ranging from 16" in diameter to 38". The heaviest of these clamps will weigh in at 50 tonnes and require testing to 431 BARG. These clamps will be of the largest diameter that the company has ever supplied and are subject to the same welding qualification as the Connectors.

Dave Thompson, Subsea Innovation Technical Director, said "Completing the Connectors is a major achievement for Subsea Innovation. It demonstrates our capability to design & manufacture industry leading solutions for major Oil & Gas operators around the world."

The design, build and test was carried out at the Company’s 40,000 square foot headquarters on Faverdale Industrial Estate in Darlington, which was opened by HRH Duke of Gloucester in November 2014.

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