This agreement covers consultancy services to optimize logistics processes with a focus on plant maintenance. The Swiss consultancy firm Orianda Solutions AG is playing a key role in implementation as a project sub-contractor. The order volume amounts to about EUR 12 million.

The SBB Group is not only Switzerland’s largest transport company but also one of its biggest employers. Since late January this year, the company has been running a public invitation to tender to secure a general contractor for SAP consultancy work with a focus on SAP’s standard logistics packages and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The tender specifications also clearly stated that SBB was seeking a large, stable and reliable partner for strategic collaboration work.

"With SBB, we have acquired a customer who has recognized the fact that the optimization offered by SAP Logistics is a decisive factor for the success of a modern transport company," explains Torsten Peter, CEO of Implico GmbH. He continues: "As SBB expects first-class consultant services, I am pleased to say that our consultants and industry expertise enable us to meet these stringent requirements."

"We look forward to working on the SBB order with Implico," comments Orianda Solutions CEO Ewald Rehm. "Orianda will play a key role in the project and will thereby continue our successful partnership with the SBB Group."

Quality wins the day

Quality was a key criterion for awarding the contract. For SBB, this not only meant well-qualified staff but also being able to demonstrate good industry practice. Here, Implico scored points with its experience in the direction and management of major SAP projects – such as at Lukoil, for example, one of Russia’s largest corporations. Also relevant were the company’s long-standing skills in SAP implementation and module consultancy work for Plant Maintenance, plus Transport & Logistics and Supply Chain Management expertise. In this area, Implico was able to present successful customer projects completed at Tönsmeier, a major German waste management company, and RUAG, a Swiss technology firm.

By partnering with Orianda as sub-contractor, Implico acquires an experienced consultancy firm specializing in transport logistics and plant maintenance processes. Consultants from both companies will be assuming project lead roles to complete the order, including those of solution architect, general support for various SAP projects and targeted support for SBB on SAP-specific issues.