During the Economic Platform, the participants exchange views to gain new insights and practical solutions about talent management and personal development. Ton Driessen, COO/CFO of Resato, emphasizes the importance of human development at Resato: "It is our people that bring our machines to life! For Resato, we are proud to be the host of this Economic Platform event, helping development of sustainable solutions for talent and enabling people to grow our region", he adds.

The day will begin in the afternoon with a tour through the new innovative building at Resato. After that, several topics will be debated:

  • "Regional Labor Market: Investing in talent and personnel" by Joop Boertjes (Chairman) and Ton Driessen (Resato)
  • "Research skills in the region" by Richard Libregts (Ecorys)
  • Panel discussion with Korwi Mooibroek (Centric) and Jannes Stokroos (Groningen Seaports)
  • "Pitch: Self at work" by Radjoe Dharmlall (Maatschappelijke Coalitie)