The Unitank terminal in Raunheim has been working with OpenTAS since last week. The Implico Group installed the latest Version 4.3 of the universal management, shipping and automation system for the oil and gas industry in two project stages. The terminal can now handle more than 300 trucks every day.

Shell, which had leased the Raunheim terminal near Frankfurt for many years, returned it to its owner, Unitank Betriebs- und Verwaltungs-GmbH, in April 2010. The Hamburg-based terminal operator has a policy of installing OpenTAS at all of its terminals. Both of the Unitank terminals in Berlin, for example, operate OpenTAS, as do the depots in Emleben and Fürth.

The OpenTAS system went live in Raunheim last week when Implico replaced the legacy system that Shell had used previously. Thanks to OpenTAS, the Raunheim depot can now handle more than 300 trucks daily. This is equivalent to a volume of between 30,000 and 40,000 cubic meters every month. On top of this, OpenTAS will handle several times this volume via ship and pipeline.

OpenTAS became the main customs/control system for the Raunheim terminal as soon as the first project phase was completed at the beginning of April. At the same time, Implico’s oil and gas experts enabled a manual input option for OpenTAS. Since then, OpenTAS has documented all movements of the various methods of distribution.

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