The Implico Group today announced that it has installed OpenTAS as a management system for Petroplus Deutschland GmbH. Previously, commercial processes were handled by the existing OpenTAS system at the Petroplus refinery in Ingolstadt – the same system also responsible for loading processes. The two process areas will now be handled separately. Keeping the operational and management systems separate has the advantage of increased security and flexibility when extending or modifying the systems in the future.The new management system also has native support for data exchange via IFLEXX – the new XML communication standard for the oil and gas industry.

The aim of the project was to supplement the existing OpenTAS loading system at the Petroplus refinery in Ingolstadt with a commercial management system on the same site, which would serve as a communication platform for Petroplus Deutschland. Previously, OpenTAS regulated the refinery’s loading processes while also managing external delivery points. Data exchange was conducted using the outdated MPKS interface protocol. In the future, the new OpenTAS management system will handle the processing of partner business while also serving as a platform for data communication with external delivery points.

Both OpenTAS systems will communicate using the new IFLEXX standard. This means Petroplus will be the first mineral oil company in the world to use IFLEXX end-to-end for internal data exchange between loading and management systems. The company also plans to migrate to IFLEXX-based communication for external delivery points. Petroplus Deutschland will then be able to offer business partners both data transfer standards. Any external delivery points that have already made the changeover to XML can now communicate with Petroplus Deutschland using the high-quality, information-rich IFLEXX data exchange standard.

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