OpenTAS TFM provides OpenTAS users with instant access to information about their tank farms via their iPhone or iPad. They can check fill levels, for example, or obtain details of specific inward and outward movements for all four modes of transport – tank truck, railroad tank car, ship and pipeline – and for all customers who have products in storage. App users can see at a glance the inventory levels by customer of every product in each of the tank farm’s tanks.

The current version of OpenTAS TFM is available free of charge. It has been designed to demonstrate to potential customers the benefits of having mobile access to OpenTAS and therefore contains fictitious customer data for demonstration purposes only. The app uses a web service to connect to an OpenTAS system at Implico in Hamburg where the demo data is held.

Subsequent access to actual terminal data can be configured to take into account specific customer requirements, such as a display that complies with corporate design guidelines, for example. If required, users can also use the app to obtain other data from the OpenTAS system, including information on tank truck drivers.