The last milestone on the path to market rollout for the new release was the "Production to Ramp-Up" quality audit at the end of November. SAP OGSD 6.1 passed this quality test with no issues outstanding. Rollout started yesterday for those customers who had already applied to participate in the Ramp-Up process. With half of the places in the Ramp-Up quota already taken, yesterday also saw the successful completion of the first customer install of SAP OGSD 6.1.

Other customers wishing to take part in the Ramp-Up process can apply over the Internet, using the web page available here. An SAP S-User account is required to access this page.

The new SAP OGSD Release offers users significant performance benefits: therefore the "Demand Forecast" feature has been overhauled completely for the new release, making it now significantly easier to use. The format of the supplied interfaces is now considerably more flexible, the note feature has been simplified and the user interface design is now more modern and straightforward. The new release also supports Map&Guide’s PTV XServer.

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