Joe Wood Testimonial – Exxon Story

My first project with LEC was the Exxon MBP project. The company I was working with was Industrial Services Inc., under HB Zachery. We had the Instrumentation, Heat Tracing and LEC portion of the project. I helped install the DAS System on the two flare stacks shown on the video. I’m pretty sure that the Ionization shown on the Com Tower was taken by one of our guys. I saw it with my own eyes.

We had just commissioned the LEC system (well before the plant operation), and a heavy series of storm cells rolled in from the Gulf. It was almost dark and there was almost no one left on site except for our General Superintendent and myself. The DAS and Spline Balls started glowing and making strange noises.

The (storm) cells moved over after about 30 minutes. The next morning the news came in that both the Shell and Mobile Natural Gas Refineries (a few miles distant) were hit, and hit hard. Engineers from both plants had been by the Exxon site out of curiosity about the LEC system. We looked like rock stars (or something) with Exxon.