Visit was held with the institutional support by Joint Stock Company "TENEX" (TENEX). On behalf of ROSATOM the consultations were headed by Special Representative of ROSATOM on International Scientific and Technological Projects, Dr. V.A. Pershukov, with the participation of specialists from "Rosenergoatom" Concern JSC, JSC "Afrikantov OKB Mechanical Engeneering", "AKME engineering" JSC, JSC "TVEL", TENEX.

"Russia and Japan have been consequently carrying out policy for closing of nuclear fuel cycle and development of fast reactors technologies, considering this policy as a key competitive strength for atomic energy in future, and also as an effective mean to reduce the volumes of accumulated spent nuclear fuel and rational using of uranium resources" – noted Dr. V.A. Pershukov.

In 2015, BN-800, fast neutron reactor with sodium coolant and MOX fuel was connected to the grid in Russia. Russia carries out further development of BN-1200 fast reactor. As a part of long-term strategy, Russia is also developing BREST fast reactor based on natural safety system. Reactor uses lead coolant and nitride fuel. This reactor is being developed as part of on-site nuclear fuel cycle concept. SVBR lead-vismuth fast reactor is also being developed in long-term perspective for regional energy systems.