During its work Russian and foreign experts exchanged opinions regarding the priority tasks in the field of improving competitiveness and environmental safety of nuclear energy through innovation development and international cooperation.

Special attention was paid to implementing the concept of closed NFC along with addressng the global issues of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RW) management (the Breakthrough Project Coordinator E.O. Adamov), prospects for developing a two-component nuclear energy system (First Deputy Director General of Rosenergoatom Concern A.V. Shutikov) in the context of nuclear non-proliferation (A.N. Chebeskov, the JSC State Nuclear Center – Institute of Physics and Power Engineering), and the capabilities for forming the Russian integrated solution to foreign customers (Head of TENEX Back-End Division M.V. Baryshnikov).
"For the time being nuclear energy is hardly competitive with conventional energy sources…, but the situation will change with the NFC closed. In this case nuclear could take lead in the growing global power generating capacities … Nearly 90 per cent of isotopes contained in SNF are suitable for further use, – underlined E.O. Adamov in his presentation.

Among other topics of discussion were the strategies and methods for SNF and RW management in OECD countries (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency V.V. Lebedev), the issues of involving in the NFC of secondary sources and demand for recycled products in the context of fundamental trends of its development (Ux Consulting Co. Senior Vice President, Policy Anna Bryndza), and also prospects for using SNF reprocessing products in light-water reactors, technological and economic aspects of VVER-1000 SNF reprocessing at the RT-1 facility (Deputy Director General for Strategic Development, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Mayak Production Association D.N. Kolupayev).

The round table participants were offered a possibility of getting acquainted with the German experience in NPP decommissioning (Managing Director, Technologies Engineering Services GmbH T. Seipold) , and UK approaches to utilization of plutonium stockpiles (Director, Strategy and Technologies, UK Nuclear Decommissioning Department A. Simper).

Integrated proposal in back-end as a driver for implementing other projects viewed through the eyes of a foreign customer was tackled by the State Secretary for Technological Support of Paks NPP A. Asodi (Hungary).

The results of the round table discussion co-moderated by the Advisor to the Rosatom’s General Director V.G. Asmolov, President of TENAM Corp. (TENEX subsidiary in the USA) Mr. Fletcher Newton and Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company S.A. Solzhenytsin, were summed up by the Rosatom’s Director of NFC and NPP Life Cycle V. I. Korogodin, who thanked the participants for their brilliant and substantive presentations, and also constructive dialog.

"Nuclear energy not only meets all the criteria of the "green energy", but as it has already reached the benchmark level, it may serve a basement for the energy of the future, – V.I. Korogodin expressed the common opinion of the round table participants.